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Continuing Legal Education

Policy for CLE's that are NOT our own

Albany County Bar Association Policy for Continuing Legal Education Seminars  that are NOT our own - or held in conjunction with another organization.

The Organization will submit a program announcement, the written materials, bio’s of the presenters and a timed agenda for review before the program is accepted by the ACBA.

The Organization will accept payments and the registrations of the individuals who will be attending the program.

The ACBA will electronically send to the organization the sign in sheet and evaluations for the program.

The Organization is responsible for all copies made.

The ACBA is not required to attend the program.

After the program, the Organization will send to the ACBA the evaluations collected, the sign in sheets for the program and payment, which is as follows:

The fee will be $25 per person-per presentation at a program: 
 For example: the 2011 Conference has nine presentation and Jane Doe will be attending and/or speaking at 4 of them - the fee will be $100.00.

The ACBA will make up the Certificates and send them to the Organization for disbursement upon total completion of the Program. 


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